RZ1Basic v0.6.1 Download

Localizable version:

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Macintosh Version:

  1. Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later.

Windows Version:

(I do not understand whether RZ1Action operates because it doesn't have the Windows machine. )

  1. Windows NT... ?

  2. Windows 2000... OK (on VM)

  3. Windows 98... OK (on VM)

  4. Windows ME... OK (on VM)

  5. Windows XP... OK

  6. Windows Vista... OK

  7. Windows 7... OK

Brief Description



 New, Open
 Delete, Reset, Play, and Stop of Program.
 Controller Information, Serial Port Setting
 Save, Cut, Copy, Paste, Find
 Check source code, Build, Build & Send
 Edit Music, Command List

Zero Point Setting 

The dialog shown that the button of 0 point setting is clicked by the screen shot above is displayed. A basic usage clicks 1 and the reading button. 2 and data are read by the controller, and it writes, and it comes to be able to use buttons of insertion and an initial value, etc. 0 points (3 and each servo) are matched, and it records in the controller with 4 and the writing button.

Read Program and Decompile 

Is it a function not provided in roboBasic?It displays it reading the program being forwarded by the controller when this button is clicked. However, the function of the deconstructivism pile was applied because the object code was not thought to be interesting what after it was possible to see either because it took in not doing. ?It is a function that converts it fr
om the object code into the source code. Maybe, I think this function to be a function that has not adhered in roboBasic. The one that did the arrangement of the hexadecimal number like figure is displayed when the program is read from the controller, and select "Source code" by the pop-up menu of upper right "Source code/object code", please. The source code is decompiled from the read object code. Moreover, please the object code of the source under the edit can be seen by changing it from the source code into the object code by this pop-up menu in the source code usually edited, and match this and use it. Please use it reeling as the remainder on the board and wanting suck it out though the function of , program forwarding and the decipherment has lost an important source code.


In general, please use it by the same sense as the provided retrieval function.

 When the word that wants to be retrieved to the combo box is input, the list of the result is displayed in the list under the source code. If the item of the list is double-clicked, the source code of caught is displayed. The dialog of retrieval/substitution is displayed if the magnifying glass mark is clicked, and use it, please when it wants to open two or more windows to substitute it and to retrieve it to and all the opening source codes by you. Hit ..the command + "G" and Windows.. ..following.. is retrieved by control + "G" ..Mac.. Hit though the button is not prepared.




Contextual Menu

The item that was able to be operated was prepared by right-clicking. The servo is moved according to the MOVE command of the cursor line, and the function etc. to stick and to kick to the source code are provided reading the state of the servo now.


Mouse Over on MOVE line.

        You can see the Motor #, easily.


●Select Value, then, Mouse-Wheel rotation.

        You can change the value, easily.

●Select MOVE data lines.

        It makes the posture.



        tilt=mousewheel, pan=option (or ALT) key + mousewheel


Label list Click or Option (ALT) Key + Double Click on GOSUB/GOTO line.

    Jump to the label !

Double click with ALT or Option key.

Label list cell click.

Go Back/Go Forward. after it Jumps.


Get AD , IN, BYTEIN port and variable value



First variable control


        Audio plug





  Demo Movie

Input device (Game pad)


        Audio plug wired or wireless control

        ETX/ERX control

       Demo Movie


MUSIC data editor.

        You can make Music data with keybord image or MIDI data.




By the bluetooth wireless communications using BlueSMiRF, it corresponds also to download of a program.

Circit diagram of RS232C level converter

ADM3202AN + 0.1 micro F condenser x 5


If you connect BlueSMiRF through an audio plug, mark the check box of BlueSMiRF by setup. If the BlueSMiRF check box is turned on, you become possible the download of the program so that RZ1Basic may change by the automatic operation in the transmission rate when the program is downloaded.


Module Photo




BlueSMiRF command utility of Terminal

RBT-001 command utility of Terminal